Fawaid Papers Company

FAWAID Papers is leading supplier of PE Coated Anti-Fungal soap stiffeners and Semi -Finished tissue paper (Jumbo rolls) globally based in India, Gujarat.

FAWAID Papers Company was established with an aim to supply a superior quality PE Coated Anti-Fungal Soap stiffener & Semi-finished tissue paper Jumbo Rolls to our esteemed customers around the globe to meet their industrial needs.

The FAWAID papers Company has been built up to support specially tailored PE Coated Anti-Fungal Soap Stiffeners and Semi-Finished tissue paper need of our customers. Having strong relations with the finest Paper and Board mills in India we provide complete supply chain solutions to our valued customers. Our expertise in analyzing market trends, devising efficient logistical solutions and assured product quality makes us a strong partner for our customers.

We take immense pride in serving our customers who respect our simple organization, professionalism and integrity.